Got music skills? Enjoy being on stage? Check this out!

There will be an event called Sångarstriden (a singing/scene performance competition) in the fall. On monday 28/5, kl 17.00 at the Chemical Centrum, room K:M, some people will meet to discuss the Doctoral Student Sections contribution. YOU are most welcome to participate. Map:

All PhD student at LTH are welcome, you don’t need to be a perfect singer, as a matter of fact you don’t need to be a singer at all… We need everything; actors, songwriters, people building the decor…

For more information contact Frida Gustavsson (, PhD Student at food technology.

A member of the LTH adminstrative board? Could be you…

Does sitting in the board of LTH sound interesting? In that case you have the chance to do so right now!

The election committee are now looking for PhD student representatives who want to sit in the board of LTH 2012/2013.

If you want to present your candidature or nominate someone else please send an e-mail to dokt-val (at)

Answer the following questions:
1. Who do you want to nominate? (Give name, department and contact details)
2. Why should this person be elected?

We need you e-mail before the 8th of April, but the sooner the better!!

Section Meeting

On the section meeting we elected a new board for the Doctoral Student Section 2012. President: Ufuk Kirik (Immunotechnology) (new)

Board members:

Fredrik Ejserholm, Measurement Technology and Industrial Electrical Engineering (Re-election)

Ivaylo Vasilev, Electrical and Information Technology (New)

Kerstin Hoyer, Chemical Engineering (New)

Vahid Sohrabpour, Packaging logistics (New)

Malin Jonsson, Physics (New)

Karl-Magnus Persson, Electrical and Information Technology (New)

Pub Session

Welcome to NDRs pub session!

On the 12th of October, the NDR (doctoral students union at the Science Faculty) is organizing a pub session for all PhD-students at the faculty of Science! All doctoral students from the TLTH are welcome to join.

The pub session will take place at Pub Rydberg at Fysicum starting from 20.00. The pub has a large selection of drinks, including beer and whisky. If you would like something to eat, you have to order at the latest on Monday 10th of October from Pub Rydberg (but, unfortunately, at your own cost). Join us, have a drink, play some social games and meet other PhD-student at the faculty!

A short presentation of the NDR:

Lund University’s Doctoral student union (LDK) organizes all doctoral students at Lund University, keep an eye on the quality of the research education and safeguards our interests towards the University. They also employ the doctoral ombudsman (doktorandombudsman), who is there to help you if you have any problems. The NDR is part of the LDK and responsible for the PhD-students at the Science faculty. We represent the doctoral students in boards and committees at the University and see to matters that are of interest for the PhD-students at the faculty! (TLTH stand-alone from LDK, but we have some collaborations)

This is an opportunity to meet with the NDR and ask us questions!

Hope to see you there!

Best wishes, the NDR through Anja Ödman