Education council

The education council of the PhD student section consists of:

Carl Johannesson, chairman (FUN)
Carl-William Palmqvist (FUN)
Ilse Svensson de Jong (SLTH, Library board)
Daniel Johansson (FN)
Alfred Andersson (FN)
Oscar Elmqvist Sandvik (JäLM)
Malin Pettersson (JäLM)
Marcus Bäcklund (TLTH, FUN, FN)

The members of the education council are student representatives in various boards on LTH. If you would like to represent PhD students at LTH, please contact dokt-srordf (at) so that we can discuss what position that suits you best (note that all meetings are conducted in Swedish). Here is an overview of the boards at LTH:

Forskarutbildningsnämnden (FUN) (Research Programmes Board)

In the research education board (FUN) we discuss all issues regarding the research education at LTH. For example all new course plans for PhD courses, proposed examination boards for dissertations, and general study plans for the different research education topics are dealt with in FUN. In FUN we also discuss broader questions like how we can guarantee that all examination goals get fulfilled, how we ensure that all PhD students at LTH have a good research environment, how we ensure good quality of the research education and so on. FUN has a 2-hour meeting once every fourth week, once or twice per semester a meeting or workshop with the responsible director for the research education from each department, and finally a whole-day workshop together with FN every semester.

Forskningsnämnden (FN) (Research Board)

The research board has the general strategic responsibility to foster and develop the research at LTH, in accordance with decisions and guidelines by the LTH board. The research board’s goal ahead is to contribute to the realization of the new strategies of LTH and LU, particularly regarding the issues of research, engagement, innovation, management and organization. FN has a 2-hour-meeting every third week and a whole-day workshop together with FUN every semester.

JäLM (Jämställdhet, likabehandling och mångfald) (Equal Opportunities Committee)

JäLM does work regarding equality and diversity, as a representative you get to participate in the work for creating a good study and work environment.

Biblioteksnämnden (Library Committee)

In the library committee, representatives from the libraries at Lunds university, VP/chairman (vicerektor/ordförande), the administrative director (kanslichef), representative for undergraduate studies (GU), representative for doctoral education board (FUN), representative for LTHs library board, doctoral student representative and student representative discuss and prepare positions regarding for example open science policy, strategies for procurement of written academic resources (books, articles etc.). The conclusions reached within the committee provide positions for the library board who take decisions. In order for the board to take these informed decisions, the role of the doctoral student representative is to present the perspective of the doctoral students and make the committee aware of issues that are particularly relevant for the doctoral student.

 Fakultetsstyrelsen (SLTH) (Faculty Board )

SLTH is the board of LTH where strategic decisions regarding the faculty are made. Example of points on the agenda are budgets and major strategic questions regarding research and education. Meetings are held in Swedish, ~5 times per year.


Since Lund University is a Swedish public authority the work in all boards is conducted in Swedish. But it is important for Doktorandsektionen to also represent those students who do not speak Swedish. You are welcome to join the education council even if you don’t speak Swedish, and any PhD student is welcome to contact the education council if you have questions or issues regarding PhD education, at dokt-srordf(at)




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