Fun is Other People

A couple of weeks ago we had the first board meeting of 2013. We have a diverse board of people from different departments from all over LTH and from all stages in their PhD studies. We were very glad to welcome two “new” members to the board: Maj and Vahid, who bring energy, ideas and experience to the board.

We talked about ideas for the upcoming year and discussed what our mission is and why we have chosen to join the board. We soon came up with a motto: Fun is other people. I think that is a good summary of what we will try to do: Bring PhD students from all over LTH together to do fun things together. And this does not only mean social events; the mentorship program PLUME is a way to connect with interesting people who have a PhD in their baggage and want to share their experiences and connections with us, and the education council brings together enthusiastic PhD students who fight for better PhD education. Just because these activities have a larger purpose it doesn’t mean that they’re not fun.

If you have any ideas for what the section could do during 2013, or if you would like to know more about what we are planning, please feel free to contact anyone in the board (see contact page). Hope to hear from you!

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