Finding your own mentor

In PLUME 2014 we will also accept PhD students who have found their own mentor. To find a mentor on your own means that you can find a person who suits your specific needs and that you will be guaranteed admission to the programme. By joining the mentorship programme together you will get support in the mentoring process and you will be able to network with other people in the programme. Below are some tips for finding your own mentor.

Before searching a mentor:

-          Try to answer why you need a mentor and what you want to get out of it?
-           What qualities should the mentor have?
-          Which industry/profession should the mentor be in?
-          What can you contribute with to enrich the mentor-mentee relationship?

Search strategy to find a mentor:

-          LinkedIn – Use the advanced search button to find profiles similar to your preferences and reach out to them
-          Look around in your own network for mentors or people that connect you to right mentors
-          Attend career and company fairs
-          Reach out to companies that might be involved in your research project