PLUME is a mentorship programme for PhD students at LTH which is organised every year by the PhD student section (Doktorandsektionen) in collaboration with LTH.

PLUME 2014 broschure

The students who participate in PLUME will be given individual mentors, who are PhD’s with some years of work experience from academia or industry. The students and mentors will meet individually throughout the year. There will also be four common meetings for PhD students and mentors. These meetings will have different themes and will give everyone a chance to interact with each other.

In PLUME 2014 we will also accept people who have found a mentor on their own. Here you can find some tips on how to find your own mentor.

The purpose of PLUME is to provide the participants, students and mentors alike, with an opportunity for personal development. Both the student and the mentor will learn from each other. For example, by discussing the mentor’s experiences the student can learn about career paths, and the mentor can get a new perspective on those experiences. Moreover, both student and mentor can expand their network of fellow PhD’s at the common meetings.