Application – Mentors

Please read the following information:

  • You are expected to follow the programme from May 2014 to May 2015.
  • The application contains some questions. The answers will be used to match each student with a suitable mentor. This matching will be better if you answer these questions carefully.
  • The mentors in PLUME are generally people with a PhD in Engineering who also have some years of work experience. We also have people who has not done a PhD but have many years of work experience instead and have an interest in research.
  • In PLUME we provide the mentors at the start with written guidelines on how to do mentoring. This year we will also organize a special mentor training session in the end of August. This will be tailored to the wishes of the group of mentors, which you can express in the application. Mentoring is also discussed in the four common seminars. PLUME takes help from people from the LTH and Lund University administration who have many years of experience in organizing mentorship programmes and they facilitate discussions about the mentor – mentee relation during the common sessions.
  • You will get the application and CV of your matched PhD student sent to you when we have done a matching. Then you will get a final say if you want to mentor this PhD student.


  • September, first common meeting

Feel free to contact us at dokt-plume (at) in case of questions.