PhD Studies

Information About PhD Studies

Faculty of Engineering Doctoral Study Handbook

This is a good reference for most things related to PhD education at LTH – Fincancing, employment conditions, structure of studies, individual study plans, supervision and degree requirements and more.

National Doctoral Study Handbook


Most PhD students at LTH are employed by the faculty. For those this guide is a useful resource.
Swedish - English


At the moment there seem to be only a Swedish version.

Useful Links

Course database

This is useful for finding courses given at other departments at LTH.


You have to register at each semester if you intend to actively pursue your PhD-studies at Lund University during the present semester/six months.

INternational Researchers and Scholars Office, IRSO

Lund University has an office for supporting researchers who come from abroad, IRSO. Their homepage has a loot of good information and links.

Rights and Obligations

Faculty of Engineering Regulations

You can find the faculty regulations regarding PhD education below. However, many of them you can find in an easier-to-read format in the Study handbook (see above).

Lund University Regulations

In Swedish
Some information in English about regulations for PhD education at Lund university can be found here.

National regulations

PhD education is regulated in Högskoleförordningen.

The PhD Student Ombudsman

PhD students at Lund University and LTH has a PhD student ombudsman working full-time with issues concerning PhD students.

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