PLUME 2014 – Finding Mentors

A key success factor for PLUME is finding good mentors. Today we presented PLUME to the LTH industry advisory board in order to spread the word about PLUME and to get help in recruiting mentors. We were very happy about the response – mentorship programs are of high interest to the industry! But it was made clear that we need to give support to the mentors during the program. This is something we do both in written guidelines and in common seminars but we will think of how we can improve on this even more. Participating in a mentorship program is an opportunity for development both for the mentor and the mentee!

The pre-application is now closed. Thank you all who filled it in, it is very useful for us in our efforts in finding mentors. The final application for PhD students will open in April and the application deadline will be May 7.

Application for mentors is already open: Application form.

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