The PhD section of the Student Union (TLTH) is an organization that is run by PhD students at LTH for PhD students at LTH. The main task is to represent the PhD students in issues regarding the PhD education. But the PhD student section also organizes the mentorship program PLUME, seminars and social get-togethers.

You should join the PhD student section if you would like to get connected with other PhD students from all over LTH, if you would like expand your network through our mentorship program, if you would like to work with improving PhD education, or if you just would like to get updated about what the section is working with. You also become a member of the student union TLTH, that organizes ARKAD and a lot of social activities.

If you have been a member of TLTH as an undergraduate student you will automatically join the PhD student section when you start your PhD. Otherwise you need to go to “Expen” on the first floor in Kårhuset, or sign up here: https://medlem.tlth.se/?setlanguage=en . To join you have to pay a one time fee of 300 kr.

If you would like to contact us please see this page.

Please see and join our facebook group